Career Accelerator

COOP's flagship program is the Career Accelerator, a rigorous evening apprenticeship. Cohorts meet nightly for 16 weeks (200 hours) to learn digital skills, build community, and jumpstart upwardly mobile careers in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics.



At COOP, careers are a team sport. Every spring and fall, we convene numerous peer cohorts with 12-16 ambitious local grads (and graduating seniors). Cohorts provide encouragement, camaraderie, and accountability for the job hunt ahead.



Every cohort is led by a team of four Cohort Captains, "near-peer" COOP alumni who serve as coaches, mentors, and guides (on top of busy day jobs at local ad agencies and tech companies). Together, they teach 100% of the Career Accelerator.



We're equally dedicated to "hard skills" and "soft skills," and we believe every successful career requires Head, Heart, and Hustle.



Get certified in the hard skills and gain client project experience /100hrs



Develop your soft skills, personal story, and professional network /50hrs



Deliver a perfect resume, cover letter, interview, and 100 job apps /50hrs



Finally, we work with digital employers to meet, interview, and hire COOP candidates. While we don’t guarantee positions, we are absolutely committed to making as many meaningful connections as possible, for as long as it takes. Almost a hundred ad agencies and tech companies have hired COOP alumni since 2014, and many have hired numerous candidates. Many opportunities come through formal events (like the Google Partners Talent Match), but at least as many come through informal alumni referrals. This is our theory of change in action.