Hiring is a gamble.

Let's beat the odds together.

COOP connects industry partners to excellent candidates from diverse local communities. No hassle. No fee. No risk. Here's how:


Community: First, we select a cohort of passionate, ambitious graduates from CUNY and CalState. Many were "first-gen" college students—and they all know a thing or two about beating the odds.

Experience: Next, cohorts get a crash course in digital skills (Excel, Web Analytics, SEO, SEM, and Paid Social) during 200+ hours of evening workshops, including a hands-on client project.

Opportunity: Finally, we help partners interview and hire great candidates. Some start as interns, others as full-time employees—and all are ready to contribute on day one.


Best part? We stay connected, offering ongoing professional development workshops and the chance to "pay it forward" as future COOP coaches. Want to get involved? Please contact our Partnerships Manager anytime: Linda Nguyenlinkedin • linda@coop.cx

Industry Partners


Digital media companies in NYC (and beyond) that have hired multiple COOP candidates to full-time positions.

COOP helped us find great people who we never would have been able to discover, and made it easy to meet candidates and ultimately bring a couple onboard. Our COOP teammates have great energy and are already contributing. We’re excited at having a great new pipeline of talent for the future.
— Jeremy Kagan, Founder & CEO, Pricing Engine