Connecting CUNY grads to meaningful careers

First, some context

The gap between college and career is wide—and it doesn't affect us equally:

  • Nationwide, 51% of recent grads are unemployed or underemployed (in jobs that don’t require a degree), including 68% of Black recent graduates. (CEPR)
  • In New York, minorities make up 63% of the city’s workforce and 76% of CUNY’s student body, but hold just 37% of tech and media jobs. (CUNY)

With a quarter million undergraduates—three in four from NYC public schools—the City University of New York is essential and indispensable. We aim to be its complement.

What we believe

No young person transitions from formal education to meaningful employment on her own. Everyone needs pathways, connections, and first chances—we certainly did. The challenge, then, is ensuring that these resources don’t merely accrue to the privileged.  Ultimately, that is CO•OP’s task, starting in NYC.

A city’s workforce should reflect the diversity of its residents and students.  That belief is central to our mission—and, as we grow, our alumni will lead the way.

"Theory of Change"

Your peers make a powerful network

“Near peers” make excellent coaches

Your first salaried job is a critical credential

Alumni are our most important asset