Together, we're overcoming underemployment


(in New York City and the Bay Area)

COOP / "ko-op" / helps diverse, low-income, and first-generation college develop digital skills, peer networks, and upwardly mobile careers. In turn, we help local companies find and hire excellent candidates who reflect the diversity of their city. 

We're a nonprofit, and that's our mission.



Find your community.

Join a tight-knit peer cohort and a vibrant alumni community building meaningful careers—together.


Discover your potential.

Develop your strengths, your story, and your digital skillset during 200+ hours of evening workshops.


Launch your career.

Gain industry experience and that first fulltime offer—then “pay it forward” as a future coach, mentor, or boss.


Looking for great hires or interns?

We select energetic, high-potential grads from CUNY and CalState. We prepare them to work effectively in diverse teams, using a diverse set of digital tools. Then we help our grads find the right opportunities—and help partners find (and interview and possibly hire) the right candidates. And that's just the start.

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