Digital Marketing:

SEM(search engine marketing)

Definition Essentially SEM is paid listings for companies on different search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  Corporations, business owners and digital marketers use it to propel interest from consumers. 

How does it help a business?  Well the greatest opportunity for sure is getting the awareness out for a business's brand, products, and/or opportunities.  Inevitably this leads to monetary gain as well as overall success and consumer interest for and in a business respectively. 

Why do you like this discipline?  What I like most about this discipline is seeing businesses succeed by a plan that is well put together.  On a more personal side I like the newness, organic aspect of this discipline.  It's a discipline that will never die and always is evolving and changing.  It definitely keeps one's career interesting.  

Recent Trend.   One of the biggest effects of a new trend lately has been the change in Googles SERP layout.  They removed ads from the side page and now they will only appear within the search engine itself.  This article basically speaks on the pros and cons of this change.  It's quite interesting because this change seems to benefit paid search as opposed to organic search simply because those who pay will simply be seen more.    

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