Definition Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a website relevant to Google or any other search engine, generating traffic. SEO is not a one-time event, nor is it about instant satisfaction. It requires a patients, a long-term outlook and commitment. 

How does it help a business? SEO is a business investment that can potentially provide growth to a business by working one-on-one with clients to implement strategies to capture their target market, generating traffic that will direct customers to their website. Easily capturing and penetrating their target market through search engines.

Why do you like this discipline? What I like most about SEO is the similarities it has with the game of chess where you most think several moves ahead. A game where you most have a strategic and tactical approach towards a clients marketing campaign.

Recent Trend. Mobile SEO is shifting their focus to Apps with 27% of people now finding Apps through search engines rather than actually heading over to their App Store (40% of people use App Stores). Because of this Mobile Google has made a huge addition to their search bar by adding a Apps option to generate more traffic towards App Packs, rather than App Stores.

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