Short Intro. 

My name is Stephany Ramales and I have natural inclination toward governmental affairs, business, communication and culture. In my spare time I lobby elected officials, take photos and trade stock. Check out Stephany's page. 

Where Have I Been? 

In 2013, graduated from LaGuardia Community College with an A.S. in Business Administration and in December 2015, I graduated from Baruch College with a B.A in Corporate Communications. I have worked in sales for the insurance industry and I have also done customer service across various other industries. In the past I have also volunteered at the Noguchi Museum and Brooklyn Museum. 

Where Am I Now? 

Currently, I am interning at the office of the Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams where I focus on developing the cultural programs with the chief program officer as well as conducting outreach to potential partners. I am currently an apprentice at CO*OP, to build a foundation in digital marketing. I firmly believe that digital marketing is a useful tool and I want to learn how to utilize digital media to expand aspects of business development and communication. 

Where Am I Going? 

In the near future I'd like to find myself in a collaborative and diverse environment.  I'd like to see my work be part of a greater purpose. that is going toward something meaningful and useful.

3 Strengths

  • I can build great relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • I can conduct outreach for different campaigns.
  • I can work well as part of a team.

1 Learning Target

  • I can voice my input more often than not.

2 Companies I really admire and Why


I think that Yelp is a pioneer in the trend of "peer reviewing" so to speak. Yelp has revolutionized the way consumers make buying decisions. They benefit businesses with exposure and they benefit consumers by making available and organizing the information on businesses you'd typically seek out recommendations for such as food, doctors office and so on. 

       Twitch is an online live streaming platform where broadcasters can release and perform their content in real-time with viewer interaction live. I first found out of Twitch several years ago when I wanted to find a hobby that doesn't involve being the viewer but a content creator. Now as a live broadcaster, I consider Twitch as my second hobby, influencing many individuals around the world with my creative content and entertainment.

Business Insider is publication that provides useful information in language that millennials understand. I admire the vast amount of industries it covers with it's publications, everything from finance to technology,

Let me tell you about ...

In my sophomore year of college, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and run for student government. I had no prior experience in campaigns, but rather I was looking for an opportunity to better myself, and I felt that this was it. 

I had to pitch myself to join a team of people also trying to get into one of the 12 positions. This was the first time I ever had to persuade others into trusting and understanding the new ideas that I could bring to the table. I didn't realize how much work it would take and how much time I would have to spend speaking with the student body. 

I managed to convince them and together we came up with a budget that would provide for campaign materials. The next challenge would be to convince everyone else that my team had all the best qualities in order to lead the student government association. We spent countless hours building a platform that would be accepted by the student body and be successful against the opposing team.       

I was always very timid and lacked confidence in my public speaking. I knew that being in student government would expose me to an experience that I wouldn't typically get as a commuter college student in NYC. The experience really took me out of shell and taught me that I was able to overcome anything if I put my mind into it. 

That year, I learned more about rising up to the challenge with new experiences and learning how to connect interpersonally with people from diverse backgrounds.