Short Intro.  My name is Erica Rhoden and I am an aspiring entertainment professional from Brooklyn with a passion for fashion, pop culture and music. 

Where Have I Been?  

I graduated from Brooklyn College February 2015, with a bachelors degree in Communications focusing on Media Studies.  While pursuing my degree I had various jobs in visual merchandising while running my own music blog, exposing underground artists and covering different events.  My penchant for music has opened up many doors for me, including internships at well-respected and prestigious companies such as Atlantic Records, Emmis Communications- HOT 97, and The Source Magazine.  Honing the skills that I've learned while being an intern led me to branch off on my own to provide individual indie artists with public relations services. 

 Where Am I Now? 

Currently, I am exploring options in the entertainment industry while learning new skills that are applicable in the digital landscape through CO*OP.  This program will increase my skill set and give me a competitive edge while applying for jobs in the entertainment field.  I will be able to keep an open mind and not be limited because the entertainment industry always needs employees in the digital space.

Where Am I Going? 

Eventually I want to be able to apply the skills that I've earned from my various internships and the CO*OP program to run my own business, whether it is branding myself or developing my own company. The company will provide technology and promotional services for creatives in the entertainment field. My internship and personal experiences not only sculpted me as a resilient individual, but it enabled me to gain skills in publicity, digital marketing, editing and social media.


3 Strenghts

  • I can write and edit work
  • I am efficient and like to help and promote individuals with creative pursuits 
  • I can think creatively to develop affective solutions

1 Learning Target

  • I can focus on going more with my gut instinct and not second guessing my ideas

2 Companies I really admire and Why


I like Nike because they have a simplistic but effective aesthetic.  The thing that makes Nike special is that they can come up with different products for different types of demographics.


       Twitch is an online live streaming platform where broadcasters can release and perform their content in real-time with viewer interaction live. I first found out of Twitch several years ago when I wanted to find a hobby that doesn't involve being the viewer but a content creator. Now as a live broadcaster, I consider Twitch as my second hobby, influencing many individuals around the world with my creative content and entertainment.

YouTube has skyrocketed its growth on the internet and has become my go-to site to watch videos on online. YouTube used a simplistic idea and turned into a phenomena. Not only competing with other video site but also television as well. 

Let me tell you about ...

Setting the stage.

I started working at Victoria's Secret PINK as a cashier while I was a freshman in college.

The beginning. 

Shortly after my time spent cashiering, the visual merchandising manager took notice to my go-getter personality and my willingness to learn and asked me if I wanted to join the visual team.  I said yes.  While on the team I was able to learn skills like marketing, attention to detail, merchandising and exercising my creative capability.   

The middle. 

About a fews months later, my supervisor left PINK to work as a Visual Manager at another company called C. Wonder.  I received a phone call from her for me to join her at this new company.  This meant a lot to me because this store was on a higher luxury scale than PINK and it involved using more skills and visual knowledge. I was ready to take the leap and go in a new environment.

The End. 

My manager took me under her wing and taught me many skills. It was only her and I on the team when I arrived, but as time went on the team grew. I began training the newly hired visual merchandisers passing down the knowledge that I learned from my manager for the last two years. 

Reflection. What did you learn? How can this be applied to this and other roles?

This experience not only gave me the confidence to try new things, it also enable me to develop great interpersonal skills such as working well with others, leading a group, and practicing skill development.  I also discovered my creative side which in turn has helped me with pursuing a creative career in entertainment.