Affiliate Marketing


As a participant in affiliate marketing, you are in charge of bringing more awareness to a brand by directly engaging customers with the product.

How does it help a business? 

This helps a business because you can diversify your outreach to a vast majority of people by targeting different affiliates. If you have a site or company that can promote to a large quantity of people, it helps the consumer be cost efficient and the company can easily track metrics such as click-through and conversion rates.

Why do you like this discipline? 

I find this discipline fascinating because as a company working with affiliates, you get to put a creative twist on how you want to represent and promote a company.  Also, YouTubers have the opportunity to make their brand more repitable by using this tactic. Being something bigger than yourself and seeing direct results from your hard work is always a rewarding experience.

Recent Trend.

Technology is rising every moment of each day.  Mobile devices have been increasingly improving on ways to convert consumers into customers.  Googles new mobile-friendly algorithms might affect affiliate marketing.  Instead of rewarding the affiliate company directly, Google rewards the websites that are optimized for mobile devices.  I don't think that this will drastically affect affiliate marketing, however, I do believe that innovative ideas need to be developed to combat Google's new algorithm.

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