Digital Marketing

Paid Social Media

Definition Paid Social Media refers to any form of marketing where social media is used and advertisers pay for ad placement. 

How does it help a business? Paid social media allows businesses to utilize social platforms more strategically, developing personalized content that is engaging humanizing the experience for larger audiences. Paid Social Media is the direct voice and way of interaction of the brand or product with consumers. For example nowadays it is more common to see how companies talk about trends or social issues to attract more engagement with consumers, rather than talking about themselves. By doing this they are also improving their image as a brand.

Why do you like this discipline? Paid Social Media is instant, and in communications this is a major advantage if handled in the proper manner. When something is trending a company has an opportunity to develop genuine content and start a conversation with consumers which drives engagement and attract new potential consumers. 

Recent Trend. Content now has become or needs to be more personalized to stay in harmony with the digital technologies and customers wants plus needs. With the current digital tracking tools, so much information is gather that content has to be personalized. This helps towards specific groups of customer rather then more broad and general and risk losing customer engagement. 

What goals can be achieved by investing time and/or money in this discipline?

Why do you like this discipline? What elements of this discipline do you find fascinating?

Recent Trend. What is something that has recently affected this discipline?

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